Granny Simulator

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Spend some time with your grandson and find a way to survive all his murderous tricks. In Granny Simulator you have a choice, whether to select a grandmother who needs to take care of the child, or the child who wants to get rid of his caregiver.

Keep up with the child

If you pick up the option to be a grandmother, you will deal with a lot of work. Not only will you need to accomplish a series of tasks, you will also have an obstacle in the form of your grandson who will be trying to annoy you with various tricks.

You will see the tasks for today in the top left corner. Follow them and you will be able to reach the ending. Do every sort of thing, like watering the plants or cleaning the house. While you are busy with it, also make sure the kid won’t get in trouble.

It is also obvious that being a grandma, you won’t have a lot of energy. Every action except for walking will spend the scale of your energy. In spite of being able to kick something or use a weapon, you won’t be able to do it all the time, so wait for the appropriate moment.

Considering the project has several locations, it also has several endings. Try out all the terrains to unlock new options and animations both for Granny and her grandson. It will be even more fun, if you invite your friends to play with you! Granny Simulator is definitely a game that you should play in a company. Share the roles and try to defeat each other.

Become the naughty baby

If you want to become a child this time, you will have a totally opposite objective. Unlike your grandma, you don’t have to do anything, so it means that you are going to have plenty of time thinking through the vicious plan on how to knock out the woman.

Being a baby has certain advantages and disadvantages. From one point of view, you are small enough to manoeuvre around the grandma and get away quickly. You will also have no problem to continually sprint across the house. However, you won’t be able to reach high counters.

Also, you are much weaker than Granny, so if she catches you, you won’t have a chance to escape. You may try to stop her by throwing different objects at her. Find them in the house, in the special boxes that are locked. So, find the lacking keys and receive a decent tool.

But with grandma walking around and looking for you, this won’t be an easy task. Try not to encounter her until you find something to oppose her. And when you get the weapon, go and complete your main objective as soon as possible.