Granny Simulator Unblocked

Watch the confrontation between the grandmother and her grandson in Granny Simulator. Each of them is trying to survive the day and you may choose who you want to support. Anyway, you will enjoy the game, being Grandma or the kid.

Stop the little brat

For Granny this day is going to be really hard. A huge house is on you and you need to keep it in good condition. However, your age will not let you do your tasks quickly, so take your time and explore the location. You will see the objective on the screen, use the highlighted objects to accomplish it.

But keep your energy for the encounter with your beloved grandson. You will need to find a way to calm him down. As long as the conversations don’t seem to work, you will have to use something more efficient. For example, you can find a pepper spray to immobilise the boy.

Although, be careful, as the naughty kid may strike back and take away your health points! If you see that the kid obtained a weapon, try to take it away somehow. But watch your energy level, as running quickly consumes it. In any case, you can finish the round only if you complete all the quests.

Escape from the insane grandma

In Granny Simulator you may also take another side and play for the disobedient kid who wants to destroy the house completely, together with its old grandma. As the project has a lot of weapons available, you may pick up the one that you like the most. However, you need to find it first.

The weapons are scattered everywhere and you will have to search for some time to finally get it. Moreover, each object is inside a chest that you have to open with a key. The keys are also spread around the location, so your task is to receive as many keys as possible.

While you will be occupied by the search, your grandmother may try to stop you. Until you don’t have any tools, you can do nothing against her, so run away! At some locations you have to be extremely careful, as the old lady can even kill you. That is why you need to acquire some murderous item and eliminate her first.

Play this exciting game with your friends and see who will be the winner. Besides, you can bring more than one friend and divide yourself into a team of grannies and a team of kids.