Choo-Choo Charles 2

Defeat the vicious monster train in Choo-Choo Charles 2! The village is being terrorised by the hideous monster that is an uncanny mix of a train and a spider. This creature has no mercy for people, so you will have to look for some weapon if you want to oppose it.

Luckily, you have your own train as a vehicle that you can use to move across the map and a weapon, as there is an installed gun that may scare off Charles for some time. If you complete special tasks from the villagers, you may even get some cool upgrades for the gun.

Also, collect useful materials that you can see on the locations to apply them and increase your train. At the same time, people will tell you how to kill the monster and to restore peace. But be prepared to meet the ferocious Charles any time while you are travelling.