Granny Simulator Update

The generation gap is a real problem and this project gives an example of such a thing. Granny Simulator is a funny game that features the busy grandma and the naughty kid. It seems that they just can’t live in peace.

In any case, you will be able to play for both of them. Examine the two sides of this struggle and figure out the best strategy to win the round. If you want more challenges, you can play the game with multiple people, as well. There can be several grandmothers and one boy or vice versa.

The Granny will need to maintain the household all day and the boy just needs to eliminate her. Help one of them to complete their mission and win in this battle. Notice that both characters have different abilities and distinctive features.

The grandma is slow but she can strike the kid really hard. She can also use big weapons. The kid is much faster, but he cannot reach high surfaces. Although, he has the ability to collect the keys that will lead him to the stronger weapon.

Granny Simulator is updated regularly, too, so the new aspects are added gradually. For instance, now you can even break doors when you are chasing the kid, if you hit them hard enough. And it is more difficult to knock down Granny now.