Granny Simulator 2

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Granny Simulator is a game that lets you participate in the life of a grandmother and her grandson. For a better experience, you should definitely bring your friends to play with you. This way, the game will turn into exciting competition that you will totally enjoy.

Achieve your aims

In Granny Simulator you will have to choose between two characters, the grandma or her little grandson. The Granny is an old and slow woman who sometimes forgets what she needs to do, so she needs her dementia pills once in a while.

But her mischievous boy will not let her rest. He is super active and his only task is to kill poor grandma.

However, Granny is not as helpless as she might look. She has a strong kick in her arsenal that she doesn’t hesitate to use against the kid. Apart from that, she may equip herself with other objects that will be very useful if you want to prevent the disobedient boy from going somewhere or stealing an item.

Although, the boy has some tricks, too. He is willing to use any object to break free and get rid of grandma. On the location, you can grab different items that will be suitable enough for your mission. You may throw bottles or hammers at her and this will affect her health level. When it reaches the end, this will mean the end of the round. But if Granny finishes her chores first, you will lose.

Diverse locations

You will start in a huge house that has two floors. Moreover, it has a lot of rooms, so it means that the baby can easily hide from grandma. At the same time, the old lady lacks energy and she walks rather slowly, so the boy can efficiently avoid the confrontation. Although, if the kid comes too close to her, she may strike and make him fly off impressively far.

When you finish the first level, there will be two more to complete. They include new houses and even a theme one, dedicated to Halloween. What is interesting, is that in each location the grandma has different objectives that form sort of a curious plot. Master all the levels and learn three stories that are so different, yet so similar at the same time.

There are also some secret objects on the levels that you may find to diversify the project. Take advantage of your friends’ help and find out what mysteries do these terrains hide. As a reward, you can get various skins for the child and the grandmother, too.