Granny Simulator Multiplayer

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Play Granny Simulator with your friends and set up a whole battle between the insane grandma and equally crazy grandson. One of you will have the role of the old lady and another is going to become the little boy. Start testing the game now and see who will complete the tasks quicker.

Select your character

At the beginning, you have to decide whether you want to chase the kid all the time, or you want to be the kid that needs to escape the Granny. In any case, you are going to have your own objectives that you need to finish.

Grandma has a lot of things to do, apart from looking after the troublesome boy. She needs to take her medicines, water the poor dehydrated plants, pick up the flowers in the garden, clean up the clothes and more. And all the time you will be interrupted by your grandson who has a little more brutal quest. The boy wants to kill grandma somehow and you might help him.

Find the secret weapon

While you play for the kid, you will have many options on how to harm Granny. But be careful, as she may use her entire energy and kick you. After such a move, you will be lying on the ground for some time.

The boy can also look for special kinds of weapons that are situated somewhere in the house. For example, you may unlock the chest that contains the wrench. It will be quite painful to get this thing thrown at your head. Or you may just kick the grandma until she gives up. Whatever method of murdering you select, kill the woman before she finishes her tasks!

Even though you don’t waste energy for running as a kid, you need some for throwing and kicking. So, you should calculate your strength and flee when you realise that you need to have a rest. For this purpose, you may use a secret little room under the stairs which only you can enter. This is also the place where you will find several chests with the weapon.