Baldi’s Basics 2023

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Escape Baldi’s school in Baldi’s Basics 2023. The creepy maths teacher will follow you everywhere and you wouldn’t like to be caught by him. If you hear him snap his irreplaceable ruler, run as fast as you can! But you should also look around while you are running to not stumble on somebody.

For example, if you meet a headmaster on the run, he may give you a detention and tell you not to move at all for some time. To avoid troubles, you can use certain objects that you can find on the location. They may increase your stamina level, as well.

Unfortunately, you have only three slots in your inventory, so don’t waste the items for nothing! In the story mode you have to find seven notebooks, too, if you want to get out of there. Solve various maths problems and get the notebooks for the right answers.