Granny Simulator Game Online Play Free

Feel yourself a grandmother who has to look after her unhinged grandson. Sitting with little children has never been an easy task, but in Granny Simulator it is absolutely chaotic. Be prepared for each kind of unexpected insane thing that this little boy will think of.

Whether you play this game on pc or on your phone, you will still have a lot of fun trying to resist your grandson’s pranks. Be creative and find a way to make the child behave properly.

Granny’s busy day

If you choose to be Granny, you will have a whole list of things you have to do. Although, remember that you are not young anymore and you have some health issues. That is why you will need to find your medicines first. Look for them somewhere in the house. But be careful, as sometimes they cause interesting side effects!

Apart from that, you will definitely need to do housework. Cleaning and cooking are on you. The gameplay needs you to learn only a couple of buttons for interaction and walking. But don’t forget about the child! He needs your constant attention, or he may come up with a dangerous plan on how to ruin his grandmother’s life.

Also, Granny, like many elderly people, doesn’t have a lot of energy. She won’t be able to run or to move fast. You will see an energy bar on the bottom of the screen. But it doesn’t mean she can’t punch something quite strongly. For this purpose, you may use your own limbs or find some harder weapon, for example, a frying pan or even a laser gun.

Every way will be useful for preventing the boy from wreaking havoc. Although, your health is not limitless, as is your energy. So, neutralise your grandson before he does the same thing with you! With some hacks, you may make your task a little bit easier by removing the limit, as well.

Get rid of your crazy caregiver

In Granny Simulator you can play not only for the old lady, but for her mischievous grandson, too! That is where you can go wild and mock Granny in every possible way. You will have only one objective, to eliminate the lady. How will you do that? There are a lot of options and you are free to choose from them, as long as she doesn’t catch you.

As a child, you have a set of benefits, such as unlimited energy and health. Use it to flee if you notice Granny with the weapon. Because you are small, you can sneak into narrow passages that will lead you to other rooms or even outside.
To somehow fulfil the aim of the game, you will need to find certain objects that you may throw at Granny to lower her health or just to knock her down. But to get hold of those things, you have to find the keys to the chests where they are hidden. Once you manage to find one, use it immediately to win this round.

The game has a sort of diversity in terms of locations, too. You may select different houses and even outside of them. The territories are surprisingly wide, so you will have a lot of opportunities to entertain yourself. What is more exciting is that in each location you may get different endings. So, experiment and see how the story might end both for Granny and her grandson.